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CO2 Oil

Green Dragon Extracts works exclusively with local growers and selects only the most unique cannabis strains for refinement ensuring a full-spectrum, terpene rich premium oil. Using its solventless CO2 Cultivar Preserving Extraction process, Green Dragon Chemists are able to extract cannabinoids while preserving heat-sensitive terpenes, thus retaining the full cannabis essence in a smoothly refined oil.

CO2 Oil: Practically Magic

Available in 1/4gm Vape Pens, ½ gram and 1 gram cartridges.

Green Dragon Extracts refines only hand selected flower from Oregon’s finest farms. Never any “mold to gold”!

Our CO2 oils generally test about 55%–70% THC

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CO2 Extracted Distillate: Feel Like a Dragon

Team Dragon focuses on strains with flavors and profiles that POP! Further distilling our CO2 oil to create a unique experience with each puff.

Our Distillates generally test about 75%–85% THC

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CBD CO2 Oils: Heavy CBD, Happy Relief

Green Dragon CBD Oils deliver the relieving properties of CBD in a premium, full spectrum oil.

Our CBD Oils are created in 2:1 and 1:1 CBD to THC ratios

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Strains: Growing Boldly

Green Dragon Extracts refines only hand selected flower from Oregon’s finest farms. Green Dragon works closely with farms committed to acting as stewards of both the plant and the earth to create unique high-quality flower without compromise.

Green Dragon's proprietary extraction process retains 100% Strain Specific Terpenes.

We are proud to offer an amazing range of strains to satisfy the Dragon in you.

100% Real Cannabis Terpenes

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CBD has been found to activate many pathways in the body that are associated with a broad range of symptom relief, including pain, anxiety and depression.

Critical Mass
In The Pines

100% Natural Fruit, Plant or Cannabis Terpenes

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Generally believed to deliver effects in between Sativa and Indica.

Key Lime Pie
Thin Mint
Cotton Candy Kush

Dragon Masters in CO2 Science

Our proprietary CO2 extraction process allows our Scientists to gently extract and retain Real Cannabis Terpenes (RCT).

Smarter Cartridges: Protect Your Puff

Green Dragon builds cartridges with Glue-less, Clean Ceramic Technology.

Green Dragon Cartridges

•    Glass housing
•    Surgical-grade stainless steel inners
•    Ceramic wicks
•    Pressed with Silicone O-rings

Other Cartridges

•    Plastic housing
•    Metal inners
•    Cotton wicks
•    Glued together